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Greetings and welcome to the new and improved RPCard Foundation Partners, commonly referred to as The RPCard, RPCard Foundation and the RPCFP. 



Student in Library

Minorities often face obstacles in both their personal and professional lives as it relates to careers in the medical profession.


In order to create a more diverse and inclusive medical community, it is essential that we provide minority scholarships and grants to talented individuals from all backgrounds.


Perspective Medical students who are members of minority groups often have unique insights that can help to improve patient care.


Minority medical students may be more attuned to the needs of  immigrant families and may be able to provide culturally-competent care to patients from similar backgrounds.


By increasing diversity in the medical field, we can ensure that everyone has access to high-quality care that meets their specific needs. 


The attainment of Minority scholarships and grants are essential components for creating an equitable and inclusive healthcare system.

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Get to Know Us

The RPCard Foundation Partners are committed to ensuring that minority students are not overlooked or denied supplemental income, grants or scholarship opportunities because of their race, gender identity, or sexual orientation. It is our goal to provide encouragement to those who need it most, so they succeed in their career choices within the medical field, and beyond!

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